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Puglia is the heel stretching down from the spur of the Italian peninsula. It offers the visitor beautiful landscapes, wonderful old cities with Romanesque cathedrals, Gothic castles and a great wealth of Baroque architecture. It is only recently that people outside the area have discovered the possible alternative to Tuscany. Radio and TV spots on Italian media describes its beaches, food, people and rich history. The region encompasses a stony plateau, wheat fields, almond orchards, peach and cherry trees, wild flowers and the most prized olive tree.


Puglia’s history is one of repeated invasions and conquest from 800 BC onward. The Norman kingdom or ‘Regno’ lasted for 700 years giving a feudal state filled with lordly estates. Even with more invasions from the Hohenstaufen, Spanish, Bourbon and the Neapolitan Republic, the people from Puglia have been able to survive. Harsh conditions did not stop them from brilliantly becoming exporters of oil, wine, almonds and wool to the East. All this wealth allowed them to build white towns and communities.


Join Gina’s Italy for this new adventure. We will visit the Romanesque cathedrals that face the edge of the cliffs, visit the famous Trulli, homes with dry rock roofs, taste the deep fruity wine of the Salento, walk through the enigmatic castles of Frederick II, taste bread made with the flour of Altamura, and more. Contact Gina for more information on dates, prices and itinerary.



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