Gina's Italy


This tour is a new addition to our line-up. We take in northern Italy and find hidden corners with big treasures. From Emilia Romagna, to the Veneto to the Lombardia regions we will taste light white wines that accompany fish and light meats of the north. We will stroll through castles, take a boat ride on the lakes and spend time cooking with our local chef.

  • Begin by discovering Emilia Romagna, the region known for reggiano parmigiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto ham and tortellini.
  • Walk through regal piazzas where nobility lived, both temporal and religious.
  • Visit an opera house or two and witness the grandeur of life of the 17th century.
  • Visit castles, ascend a tower, sip effervescent wines, satisfy the sweet tooth with the regional torrone (almond candy confection) and stroll by shops of violin makers in the hometown of Antonio Stradivari.
  • Our mid trip includes a stay at a winery property in a park setting nestled in the gentle hills near Lake Garda.
  • Add a cooking class and wine tasting.
  • Stop in Verona, where Shakespeare set his “Romeo and Juliet”.
  • Enter into the Roman world of northern Italy where the oldest amphitheater stands.
  • Enjoy a ride on Lake Garda where views of old bastions and castles line the harbor.
  • Our third location is in the Franciacorta region at one of the many lake areas of northern Italy.
  • Live the luxury of a 4 bedroom lodgings with a huge kitchen and living room area.
  • A local chef is on board to prepare a sumptuous meal with selected wines from our host vineyard.
  • Enjoy one more look at village life when you saunter through the weekly market on the lake.

As we head to Milano’s Malpensa airport you will no doubt reflect upon the unique experiences of your Northern Skies of Italy trip.




Lovely countryside