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Summer 2013

Summer is here! Outside activities abound. Yet, the time is also right for planning your 2014 travels. Yes, Gina’s Italy has already begun to organize tours for the upcoming travel year. It is all exciting! From the Grand Tour to private outlines, each travel group can be sure to have a personalized tour experience. Each time a tour itinerary is offered new opportunities present themselves depending upon the time of year the tour takes place. During the summer months we can take in the evening visit to the Colosseum. In late May a medieval festival can become part of the lineup. In the fall we might witness harvest of grapes or olives. I am always on the lookout for cultural experiences that give the tour a value beyond just the sightseeing items. Come join the Gina’s Italy way of travel.


Fall 2013

The Tuscan Adventure begins in Florence on October 14th. The travelers will enjoy 4 full days of visits in Florence and nearby towns from their location just outside the city walls. From there we will travel into the southern countryside of Tuscany. We will be hosted by wineries for wine tastings and olive oil tastings with a picnic and cantina visit. From southern Tuscany we move to the coastal area of Tuscany. We will experience old villages that grew up around the Etruscan settlements. Our host town will give us the real taste of a small town weekly market.  As our Tuscan Adventure comes to an end we will return for one more night at the Renaissance jewel of Florence. We will have time to do those last minute items before our return to USA. Maybe we will all dream of a return visit. Buon viaggio!

Olive Oil Orders November 2013

Gina’s Italy continues to offer the artisanal production of extra virgin olive oil from Casanuova di Ama in Lecchi in Chianti Tuscany. This product is of high quality and provides the purest unadulterated product possible. Quality is not always discernible when marketing techniques can easily hide defects and chemical treatments of the original product. Casanuova di Ama preserves the artisanal production by hand picking the olives and using the stone mills for the first pressing of the oil. The result is full flavored oil that can be used in small amounts to deliver full taste perception of the olive. This year’s order will be placed November 10, 2013. Therefore, I will be sending out a news Bollettino for orders around November 1st.  I will ask those giving the oil as Christmas gifts to notify me when they place the order. Only these bottles will be shipped prior to Christmas. Otherwise oil will be sent out UPS after January 1, 2014. Local Central Oregon deliveries will be scheduled in December before the Christmas holiday. As you read on you will find out why the 2013 delivery schedule is changing.


Puglia 2014

Gina continually strives to offer new travel opportunities to her travelers. This year part of November will be devoted to a research trip into Puglia. When Gina puts together a program she first experiences and investigates the area for hotels, sightseeing, cultural offerings and local products. Although books can provide history and suggestions, it is not until Gina sees an area that she feels comfortable developing a tour package. Puglia is a region less traveled by outsiders. Italians spend their summers on the beaches and mountains of this area of the boot. Let’s see what new experiences await the Gina’s Italy traveler. This research trip takes place during the olive oil ordering season. For this reason, I am asking for extra delivery time.


2014 Tours

Gina’s Italy is excited to plan three customized private tours in 2014. Details of each itinerary will combine efforts between Gina’s Italy and tour participants. The Grand Tour is slotted to begin in Rome on April 22nd. Stay tuned as other tours are added to the 2014 lineup.


Grand Tour 2014

What better way to begin spring travel other than the Grand Tour? Travelers will meet in Rome. Their journey through Roman times to Renaissance Florence and Doge Venice begins April 22, 2014. If you are contemplating this tour, don’t delay. Only four more places are available. Read about the Grand Tour



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Thank you to all for your interest in the Bollettino di Gina’s Italy. Feel free to share this issue with family and friends who might like to travel the Gina’s Italy way. Would you like your own private tour? Organize a few travel buddies and contact Gina’s Italy regarding openings or possible itineraries.  In the next issue, look for details on authentic gelato. Buon appetito!