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April 2013

Two questions are frequently asked of me regarding my tours. The first one is, "Do you ever tire of repeating the same tour?" The second one is "Which is your favorite tour". To the first question I can emphatically answer, "No, I do not tire of any tour that I repeat because no one tour is ever the same. It takes on its own personality and identity that reflect the 8 participants."
To the second question I respond, "All of my tours are my favorite. Each tour is different due to the input and interests of the 8 travelers. Involvement by tour participants makes each tour unique and exciting". The best events can be the ones that are most spontaneous. The bonus with traveling with Gina’s Italy is that Gina is actively participating in each day’s events. The itinerary is never static.


Tuscany Tour Update

Each time a tour is offered, it is an updated tour. Outlines of the same tour can change because the participants help each tour evolve and transform.  Thus is the case with the Tuscan Adventure for October 2013. The updated itinerary uses Florence as the base for 4 nights before moving into Tuscany proper and enjoying two other locations. From Florence we visit towns in the near vicinity both north and east of the city. Our villa hotel is just outside the city walls. Thus we can enjoy dinner in town after we return from our day’s outing. Rather than stay in one apartment rental for 7 nights as with past Tuscan itineraries,  we are splitting our days in the southern and western areas of Tuscany that are off the beaten path. The emphasis as with all countryside based tours is on good food, fine wine, interesting architecture, the people and beautiful panoramas. For more details click on this link: Tuscan Adventure


Northern Skies Tour Overhaul

Past participants of the Northern Skies tour have indicated they would have enjoyed more days to visit the lakes of Northern Italy. With the proposed overhaul of my current itinerary, the Emilia Romagna portion will be substituted with more days near Lake Garda in Northern Italy. In addition to Lake Garda we visit a smaller lake between Lake Garda and Lake Como.  We will also take pleasure in the shores of Lake Maggiore. Throughout our days we will have time for boat rides, walks on the promenade and aperitivi (happy hours) overlooking the water.



Tours in the Making

Gina’s Italy is always considering new areas and creating new adventures. Currently I am looking at Puglia in the southern heel portion of the boot. Puglia is one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy. In the 8th century BC the ancient Greeks expanded until they reached what became known as Magna Grecia (southern Italy). The area became important to the Romans who conquered it in the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. Puglia is rich in architecture that represents the Greek, Byzantine, Norman and Pisan influence from the 11th to 13th centuries. The area offers wonderful wine, cheeses, breads and pastas. Stay tuned as this tour will develop over the next months. It is my intention to add this region to my 2014 lineup. If you are interested please send me a note at:



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Exploring Gina’s Italy

Just in case you missed the most recent newspaper insert about Gina’s Italy, you can click this link and read: Exploring Gina's Italy. Included in the article are answers like, "Where did the idea come from for Gina’s Italy"? Or "What is Gina’s Mission with Gina’s Italy?" Do you have an idea for a tour? Do you need to plan your trip? Gina’s Italy might be your answer. If you would like additional information on other tours, you can check out my website: and click on Tours.

Thank you for your continued interest in Gina’s Italy. Please feel free to forward this Bollettino to friends and family. Your referrals are important a greatly appreciated. When considering tour planning do remember Gina’s Italy tours are designed for only 8 participants. Personal attention is guaranteed.