Gina's Italy


Classic Grand Tour- 15 Day:

This package is the most comprehensive of our grand tour offerings.

  • bilingual, fully escorted and includes private guides
  • 15 nights lodgings in superior three-star hotels
  • 15 buffet breakfasts
  • first class train transportation
  • city passes
  • additional meals and pre-dinner gatherings
  • day trips into the countryside
  • designed for 8 participants

Let us start our journey in the Eternal City of Roma.

We will visit the monuments of the greatest builders of antiquity. See the ancient buildings that bind modern architecture to Rome. Admire the great works of Raphael in the Vatican Museums, the masterpiece of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, the numerous fountains sculpted by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and sip your cappuccino from a caffe in Piazza Navona. Rome offers something for everyone. As we travel to Florence you will no doubt be planning your return trip to Roma.


Upon approach to the birthplace of the Renaissance we will put our walking shoes to the test. Renaissance Florence is but a 20-25 minute walk from end to end. The number of museums is numerous. Why stay inside? We will view Florence as an open museum and look at stories told to us by facades of buildings and churches. This great city of the Medici offers us perfect Italian, a small town ambience, roman beginnings, leather shops, goldsmiths, perfect art and the continuation of the architecture of Rome.

See the backyard of Michelangelo, the foundations of Roman Florence, the monuments to great Florentines, like Galileo and Dante, the frescoes that have withstood hundreds of years, the bridge that a German officer saved from destruction, and taste the best gelato ever. Each day will be filled to the brim with options.


Moving further north we will settle in Venice, the Serenissima (the serene republic). This romantic city is frozen in time. It is dynamic by day and docile at night. Staying on the island will give us the opportunity to experience this unique queen of the Adriatic. From the largest outdoor drawing room, San Marco’s square, we will see the best view of the winged lion of St. Mark, we will walk the calle (streets), ride the vaporetti (buses on water), witness the soft colors that Titian and Tintoretto reproduced in their works.

With experiences abounding and memories alive we will bid arrivederci to our hostess Italia and take with us a deeper understanding as to why poets and artists have flocked to her shores.


The Classic Grand Tour is your introduction to the land of the Romans, the Medici, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, La Dolce Vita and romantic landscapes. Delve into this marvelous land with Gina’s Italy. From your first inquiry to your departure, Gina will guide you and show you architecture, art, vistas the nobility of the 17th century vied to see. You will walk the footsteps of Raphael, Popes, Caesars, Caravaggio, Titian, Marco Polo, and Galileo. The ever present history and culture will whisk into another time. From breakfast to aperitifs each day you will enjoy Gina’s expertise and first hand knowledge of the arts, culture and landscape.



The Vatican