Gina's Italy


"A trip to Italy can be life-changing, but believe it or not, traveling with Gina takes it to another level. A consummate professional, Gina very thoughtfully chooses authentic and interesting destinations--many "off the beaten path"--while at the same time, she'll be up for unscheduled adventures or surprises. For instance, on a day trip to Spoleto, we came upon a modest country cafe and decided to lunch there. That unscheduled stop led to a personal tour of the kitchen and garden, proudly given to us by the chef and the person that taught him "the love of the kitchen"--his mother. We left with handfuls of fresh figs and grapes, and the gift of this unforgettable experience. Every place you visit will amaze you, especially with the wisdom and knowledge the Gina shares with you about her beloved Italy. You will not feel like a tourist--you will feel like a welcomed family member. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her as your personal guide. Her care, her attention to detail, her ability to have fun while tending to your every need, simply cannot be bested."

- I mean it  Sarah G. of Beaverton, OR


"I want you to know we had a great time on our trip with you last fall. It was simply delightful!!! I am so happy to have you for a friend and feel very fortunate seeing the real Italy through your eyes, experiences and knowledge. It was so nice to meet Craig and we enjoyed our lunch with you :)

Let’s keep in touch!"

- Marsha R.

St Peter's in Rome